Friday, 4 September 2015

The Custodian Project

Spring cleaning my blog, I realised I never wrote a post about a collaboration I participated in earlier this year with Alex Falkiner aka Alfalky who I met when Sketching with Thread.

A creative exchange working alongside 13 other participants from around the globe, The Custodian Project was intended to be an experiment in creative intimacy and trust, involving each of us hosting one of Alfalky's creations for two weeks and creating a response.

My response to the experience was to take a series of photographs of my creative interactions. Later I created another of my Steller Stories which you can see by clicking the image below.

As always, what seemed simple from the start had some profound effects and I certainly learnt a lot about collaboration as a way of creating art and also about being a custodian.

It's interesting to reflect from this distance and see that amongst other events this year, this project inspired me to take some classes in ceramics and that mixing art with textiles and other mediums, crossing disciplines and forms, is inherently within me and it is something I need to continue to explore.

I do hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed creating it. After clicking this link, remember to flip the pages like a book by clicking the little arrow halfway down the image.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

by the sea

From Summer Sketching to Winter Dreaming, illustrating, writing poetry, photographing, filming my Minutes by the Sea creating textiles or printmaking, the watery world where I live provides endless inspiration and source of restoration. Growing up with a father at sea, traversing the ocean as a child and now living close to it's shores, I've come to realise it has become part of me. It's vastness is the void that I need and it's seasons and tides, rhythms and moods are an endless source of creativity. 

Now that prints of my Summer Sketchbook will be on exhibition as part of Saltwater, Manly Gallery, Sydney, 29Oct - 30Nov, 2015, it seems timely to create a catalogue of blogposts inspired by 
the sea.

Sketching the sea
Illustration Friday - Storm sketching 2013
Before the Storm watercolour sketch 2012

Sketching Seagulls
Seagulls by the sea photo, film, sketch, poetry 2013 
Sketching Seagulls by the sea 
sketching, photography, filming 2014
Sketching Seagulls, a stellar story sketching, story 2014

Sketching the Northern Beaches of Sydney
Sketching the Balmoral Boatshed 
sketching, ink and painting 2014
Sketching at Balmoral sketching 2013 
Winter by the Sea sketching, poetry 2013 

Sketching Summer by the sea
Adventures into Printmaking 
sketching, summer, dreaming, doodling 2015
Summer Sketchbook 
sketching, summer, photography, art practice 2015
Beach Sketching on Friday Afternoon 
sketching, photography, film 2014
Play is a fun way to make art 
art making, sketching, filming, summer 2014
Summer Beach Sketching beach sketching 2014
Saying Goodbye to Summer beach sketching  2014
Sketching People at the beach people sketching 2014
1000 words for Summer Year 5 - heading back 
photography, sketching, poetry 2014
1000 words for Summer Year 5 - finding courage 
painting, filming, sketching 2014
1000 words for Summer Year 4 - be ready! 
sketchbook project 2013
1000 words for Summer Year 4 - summer wrap 2013 

Winter Solstice poetry doodling 2015 
photography, filming, sketching, painting 2014
Winter Dreaming painting, intuitive drawing, poetry 2014
painting, film, poetry 2013
paint, film, sketch 2013
More Winter Dreaming - intuitive ink drawing, poetry 2013
heading back to the shore painting, illustration 2012 
sinking not drowning poetry, painting 2012
get saturated poetry, painting, art practice 2012

Winter Dreaming painting, intuitive drawing, poetry 2014
Creative Alchemy photography, philosophy 2014 
Crossing over painting, poetry sketching  2014
photo, sketch, poetry 2014
painting, film, poetry 2013
stay for a while poetry, illustration, whales 2012 
sinking not drowning poetry, painting, art practice 2012 
get saturated poetry, painting, switching off 2012 
dipping toes in poetry, photography, dolphins 2012 
see how currents flow poetry, photo, mermaids 2012
observe before diving poetry, photography 2012

Winter by the sea
Winter Beach sketching, poetry 2015
Late Winter Dreaming sketch, doodle, photo 2014
Mid Winter Dreaming photog, film, sketch, paint 2014

Illustrations of the sea
The Secret Project #4 ink + watercolour illustration 2014
The Secret Project #3 ink + watercolour illustration 2013
Five ways with water sketching, illustration 2012

Illustrations of ocean animals
Illustration Friday - Underwater watercolour painting 2013
The Secret Project #3 ink + watercolour illustration 2012
heading back to the shore painting, illustration 2012 
stay for a while poetry illustration, whales 2012 
sinking not drowning poetry, painting 2012

Hearts by the sea
Illustration Friday - Swim gouache illustration 2013

Winter Sun poetry, photography 2015
Winter Wandering photography, poetry  2015
Winter Weekend poetry, photography, art practice 2015
sketching, photography, art practice 2015
sketching, photography, filming 2015
sketching, stellar stories 2015
photo, filming, sketching, painting  2014
City Country or the Sea photography 2014 
The importance of play photo, play, art practice  2014
Creative Alchemy photography 2014
summer by the sea 2014
photo, sketch, poetry 2014 
photography, filming 2014 
sketch, photo, doodle 2013
dipping toes in poetry, photography, ceramics 2012 
freedom to float photography 2012 
see how currents flow poetry, photography, mermaids 2012 
observe before diving poetry, photography 2012

"minutes by the sea" 
Minutes by the Sea - still sunrise film, death, loss, sea  2013 
photo, sketch, film 2012
another minute by the sea film, green pool manly 2012

full moon “minutes by the sea”
Minutes by the Sea - Easter Moon film, full moon 2013
Minutes by the Sea - Avalon Moon film, full moon 2012

Instagram films
Sketching Seagulls a stellar story sketch, birds 2014
Sketching Seagulls by the sea sketch, photo, film  2014
Mid Winter Dreaming photo, film, sketch, paint  2014
Three films by three daughters photo, film, creativity 2014
courage film 2013

Adventures into Printmaking sketching, doodling. 2015

Summer Sketching textiles, sketching, courses,  2015
Late Winter Dreaming sketch, doodle, photography 2014
Minutes by the Sea - Easter Moon film, full moon 2013
layering up textiles, photography 2012

dipping toes in poetry, photography, paper, ceramics 2012

BLOG series
compilation of all the summer works 2014 
sketching, photography, collaboration 2013
12 part series, diving deep over winter 2012

The Moon by the Sea
Blue Moon catalogue of blogposts inspired by the moon 2015

my other ways with the sea can be found on:

Pinterest aqua
Instagram suzipoland

Thursday, 13 August 2015

adventures into Printmaking

It's so exciting when the hard work, the not knowing, the blind faith and trust in intuition works out. It's magical stuff and in 2015, my Year of Enchantment, it's lovely to see where the adventure leads.

After working alone last summer on my Summer Sketchbook, sharing pages online, live as I sketched at various beaches where I live, I also showed the whole book to a handful of people. One of them was long time friend and talented printer Lisa Marshall, who took one look and said they'd make wonderful solar plates.

With no idea what she meant, I signed up for classes at Warringah Printmakers. I first heard about this communal studio years ago when I visited masterprintmaker Paul Smith's studio on a Scotland Is. For years my girls went to high school around the corner, but there was so much to do, other roles to fill. Now, with school aged motherhood behind me, I've dived in and begun studying under Susan Baran.

coffeeosophy sketch - dry point etching on plastic  

It's so great to learn the various techniques of printmaking. At an earlier stage in my artistic life I might have sought more creative direction, but now, with a collection of sketchbooks I have much to work from. So, after refreshing my high school printmaking skills with some dry point etching on plastic using one of my Coffeeosophy sketches and an intuitive moon drawing as inspiration, I progressed to learning how to make solar plates of my Summer Sketchbook.

summer sketch - editing the photocopy transparency

summer sketch - creating a solar plate 

summer sketch - inking up the solar plate

summer sketch - printing the solar plate

Solar plate or photopolymer plate making is not a complicated process, but like anything, when you don't know what you're doing, it's a lot to learn. Using UV light machines and nature's sunlight, the pre-treated plates are self etched before being inked up and printed. They can be used in a variety of creative ways but as I had existing images, I photocopied the sketches in B+W onto plastic transparency which I touched up before laying them on the plate and exposing them to light.

What's been so interesting to see, is the way the coloured pencil and gouache sketches have been transformed through this process. Sketched without awareness of this process, the tonal qualities of each colour has influenced the end result in ways drawing in graphite might not have. From a creative point of view, the content captured in the sketch is also transforming and I'm sensing a series or even a storyline emerging, something which I got only a glimpse of whilst sketching last summer and certainly nothing I intended. 

Photocopying all 84 pages of my Summer Sketchbook, laying them out on the long studio tables was a wonderful opportunity which enabled me to see which ones worked together. I then applied for and was lucky enough to be selected to Manly Gallery's "Saltwater "Exhibition.

I am thrilled as not only is it a wonderful endorsement and honour to be included with 45 other northern beaches artists, but it's also a theme that aligns perfectly with my work. I will admit to being slightly nervous, because despite showing my work regularly on the internet, it's been a while since I been in an exhibition. Fortunately, the process so far has been very smooth and I am enjoying working with a public gallery curator and learning lots in the process.

As the deadline looms and I finish my prints, I have just one more thing to decide, apart from which six prints to include. That is ... What colour is summer blue? What blue suits all the images? Are they still sketches of summer where I live or are they becoming more universal? All wonderful things to ponder between now and delivering them to the exhibition. Whatever happens, I look forward to the public's response on opening night. Yikes!

turning Summer sketches into solar prints

choosing "summer blue" - test prints on magnani paper

As if that wasn't exciting enough, I've also been playing with learning other ways to make prints from my Winter Dreamings and Doodles. Last term I dabbled in soft ground etching and aqua tint (top left and right) and briefly learnt the process of sugar lift (bottom left). 

This term, I'm back experimenting using solar plates with my Coffeeosophy series and trying some chine-colle (bottom right). Last Wednesday's class had me doing a lot of thinking backwards, working out efficiencies of plate and paper sizes and image proportion, considering how I want them to look compared to how they were created on location in my coffee sketchbook.

Printmakers mumbo jumbo, tasks and terminology that are all becoming part of my repertoire. I'm learning a whole new language and way to create and I'm excited to see how it influences and allows me to continue my love of sketching, doodling, working seasonally and thematically. I also also hope it will enable me to reproduce my sketches in a unique, hand made way.

Please stay tuned for what happens next and if you live locally, pop Oct 30 - Nov 29th 2015 in your diary and come along to the see the "Saltwater "Exhibition at Manly Gallery.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Blue Moon

I've photographed the full moon before, drawn, painted, sketched and filmed it too, I've even created some textile art, papercut and written poetry, but on Friday night it was a Blue Moon and I was thrilled to take this photograph on my iphone. I love how it looks like an oil painting and now I want to take it into my printmaking and see what I can create with it there.

Do you love to gaze at the moon, allow it to infuse into your work? Here is a list of all the places you can find my moon related works online.

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Photography (on Instagram)
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Film (in blogposts)
Moonlight Dancing photography, sketching and filming 2013
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Film (on Instagram)
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Poetry (in blogsposts)
Intuitive Drawing on the Full Moon poetry and intuitive drawing 2014
October Moon painting and poetry 2013
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Poetry (on Instagram)
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Behind the Palm Tree poetry and film 2014
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Poetry (on Tumblr) see link below

Moonlight dancing sketching, photography and filming 2013 DRAWING

Drawing (in blogposts)
Full Moon Doodling ink drawing and poetry 2014
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Drawing (on Flickr)
Snow Barn in the Moonlight ink drawing 2014
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Moonrise over the Ocean pastel illustration 2012

Painting (in Blogs)
Painting doodles on the Full Moon acrylic on paper 2014
October Moon painting and poetry 2013
Springtime Dreaming painting 2012
Painting (on Flickr)


Textiles (in blogposts)
I love you to the moon and back stitched lettering 2013
Full moon over the ocean textile illustration 
Papercut (on flickr) 
Dream papercut illustration 


To keep in touch as I create more works on this theme, please feel free to follow on the following sites: 

Pinterest: "Luna"

Instagram: Moon themed photography and artwork

Vimeo: "Minutes by the Sea" collection of one minute films of the sea